Leadership Mastery: Simple, Uncommon Leadership Strategies

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Leadership Mastery: Simple, Uncommon Leadership Strategies, Learn leadership from a leader who worked with Fortune 500 CEOs to make decisions about millions of dollars daily.

Imagine how much more successful you could be as a leader if you could learn from the successes and mistakes of dozens of leaders, including Fortune 500 CEOs and executives, who came before you – that is what this course will do for you

While I was at Bain and at eBay I worked with dozens of leaders, including Fortune 500 executives and CEOs, as well as entrepreneurs who led highly successful venture-backed startups. I have led teams of 10, 20 or more team members, many of whom were not my direct reports. I have experienced what these leaders did well and seen the most common pitfalls.  I’ve thrived as a leader in some instances and fallen flat on my face in others.  In this course I will share with you the key insights of leadership I have learned through my wealth of experience to make you a highly effective leader.

You will learn how to take your leadership skills to the next level through four key lessons:

  1. The single biggest and most common challenge to becoming an effective leader is practicing one single style of leadership
  2. The reason a single style of leadership is limiting is because your direct reports evolve over time, so you will learn how to identify each phase in a direct report’s development
  3. The core lesson is how to tailor your leadership style to the needs of your direct reports at each stage of their development
  4. Finally you will learn the Jedi-mind trick of successfully leading people who don’t report to you: how to become a great cross-functional leader

INSTRUCTOR DIRECT SUPPORT: Ask any question and get answer right away within 24 hours or less depending on time zone – we do sleep you know 😉 We are actively committed to supporting our students every step of the way.

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